The Difference Between Pilates & Yoga

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The Difference Between Pilates & Yoga

Pilates classes or yoga classes?

In this day and age, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to fitness and wellbeing classes. The question that comes to mind is what is the difference between Pilates and yoga? For those like myself, who are extremely passionate about both, it’s so important to choose the right one to receive the best results and benefits.

Pilates vs Yoga

During the roaring 1920s, Joseph Pilates changed the game in core strength and flexibility exercises. Whilst yoga has been widely practiced for thousands of years, Joseph saw a niche in the market to concentrate on strengthening the core, improving the spine and achieving overall strength.  Pilates is an ideal way to achieve muscular strength and conditioning, without bulking up or risking injury.

Yoga is built on a foundations of improving flexibility, with a strong focus on spiritual connection that Pilates leaves out. Yoga was established in India, with the purpose of connecting the individual to their consciousness via physical activity and breathing techniques. 

What to expect in classes?

For a first timer, a Pilates reformer machine looks more like a torture machine. But, as the saying goes- don’t judge a book by its cover! In Pilates classes, the exercises are performed lying in prone, supine or side positions on many forms of studio equipment to enhance muscle symmetry, provide resistance and strength.

Pilates classes are built on different levels from beginner to advanced- so you’re assured you’ll be working at a familiar pace. It is a full body workout which can be extremely challenging at times, yet it can be done at any age on most body types. The exercises are low-impact, focusing on muscular and core strength making it perfect for pregnant ladies. The only similarity to it’s step sister Yoga- is that you’ll often perform the exercises on a mat.

Unlike Pilates, there is a dime a dozen Yoga classes. From Bikram, Yin, Ashtanga and more- you’ll never be short of choice. Yoga classes are only practised on a mat, with some small uses of equipment such as a bolster to support flexibility. At the end of the day, it all comes down to research. Pilates benefits can outweigh yoga benefits depending on the person. Ensure you speak to a certified instructor to get the best advice.

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