Pop Up Pilates

A little bit about us

Located in Brookvale, on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, Kathryn Reeves Pilates is a personalised, boutique Pilates studio. Kathryn’s unique style of Pilates has helped transform bodies and lives since 2014.

“My goal is to help you feel better in your body through genuine care and individualised attention. Suitable for any age or fitness level, my Pilates programs are specifically targeted to increase your Strength, Health and Mobility.”

Kathryn holds a Diploma in Pilates (Studio and Rehabilitation) through Polestar Pilates. She is a Mentor with Polestar Education Australia, and has furthered her studies in Women’s Health, Barre Attack, Progressive Ballet Technique and Nutrition. Kathryn is also a Mum to an energetic 4 year old and qualified Health Coach.

“I understand first hand the challenges we have as women both physically and mentality. Not just through the pregnant/post natal period, but also in todays busy world.”

Kathryn has worked with a variety of clients from new Mums, Seniors, Professional Athletes and the Manly Sea Eagles. All sessions are focused on the Principles of Pilates while working up a sweat in a safe, energetic environment.

“Pilates helped me to repair my body and feel strong again after the birth of my baby, but I needed some help in the fitness and cardio department. Large fitness classes were not for me. I felt intimidated. That no one understood my body like I did. Why did I have to go somewhere for Pilates and somewhere else to sweat?”

“Once I added Barre, Pilates Circuit and Cardio into my workouts everything changed. I felt leaner, longer and stronger. It took me 12 months to feel at my peak again, but I felt stronger then before becoming a Mumma.”

Kathryn and her team expanded the studio classes in 2018 and now offer Small Group Reformer classes, with a maximum of 4 in a class. Situated next door to Phoenix Recovery Centre, Kathryn works closely with the Allied Health team offering Private programs, Sports specific programs and Rehab work. Looking for a Pilates Studio in Brookvale? You just find yours!

Who’s on the team?

Our Instructors



Diploma in Pilates, Mentor with Polestar Pilates Education, Cert. 1V in Matwork Pilates, Cert 1V in Training and Assessment, Progressive Ballet Technique and Barre Attack instructor, 80’s lover, Mumma.



Stott Pilates qualified, Xtend Barre instructor, TRX Bandit, Smiling assassin, fascinated with movement, expert of left leg high kicks.



Polestar Certified, Stott Advanced Reformer, Studio Pilates, Pilates lover that turned into a career, super woman, Mother of three, always smiling.

We are mums, we understand

Pregnant or post-natal?


Pregnant clients are welcome to join in on the Power Circuit classes if you are carrying no injuries or issues with your Pregnancy.

Before booking please note that we advise all new clients to our studio to have an Initial Private lesson (half price). This is to ensure your safety and understanding of the correct Pilates technique when pregnant and to become familiar with the studio equipment. Contact us directly for an appointment.


After your 6-week GP clearance, please book in for an Private lesson where you will be assessed and given a personal homework program before entering group classes.

Let us help you on this exciting journey through Pregnancy and after. As a Mum herself, Kathryn knows firsthand the challenges pregnancy can bring to a women’s body.

“Pilates helped guide me through a difficult pregnancy and after when healing from a 4.7kg baby. Restore and recover the right way. Take your time to allow yourself and your body to heal properly.”

Kathryn furthered her training in pregnancy and post-natal health after the birth of her baby, completing her Women’s Health studies through Polestar Pilates.