Get Mobile (Not the Phone Kind)

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Get Mobile (Not the Phone Kind)

Slow Down Ageing

Ok let’s be honest, no one likes the thought of getting old. Wrinkles, grey hair, saggy boobs (TMI?) well it’s all a reality. But what about our spine? Do we think enough about how this affects us in the aging process? My main man Joe Pilates had a famous quote that pretty much sums up what I am trying to say.

“If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60, you are supple and strong, then you are young.”

If you have ever experienced any sort of back pain or are challenged in the spinal mobility department these words will ring true. And I am here to tell you our modern lifestyle is not helping either! Dam you desk job, computers, Mummy life and now the big one – the iPhone/iPad.

What if we could help slow down this process and provide alternatives for feeling better in our bodies and assisting with greater spinal mobility?

Guess what? I am here to tell you… we can!

The Stats

Research tells us that many factors associated with ageing are due to inactivity. In Australia 54% of hospitalisations are due to falls in over 65’s. Muscle strength declines 15% after the age of 50, and 30% per decade after 70. Performing physical activity can also help reduce or reverse the risk of disability and chronic disease. OKAY THEN… LET’S GET MOVING!

I started Pilates over 14 years ago due to a back injury from years of Dancing in ridiculously high stilettos (on the stage – not on tables mind you). I would hate to think where I would be now if I didn’t make that decision one January day in 2004 – yes, I remember the date and I still remember how I felt after my first session – AMAZING!

A Pilates program that works on correcting body alignment, increasing strength and range of movement is HUGE in helping to increase mobility and balance throughout the body.

Imagine if you could relieve stress tension across your shoulders and neck, have better range in day to day functions and activities, greater range of movement in the spine, suppleness, improve your performance in sporting activities, and one of the best…have better posture.

Better posture creates increased self-esteem, which makes us feel better about ourselves and life in general (maybe more than chocolate and wine too).

OK… have I sold you now?

Do Pilates people, it works!