5 Reasons Why You Should Do A Pilates Workout

pilates workout

5 Reasons Why You Should Do A Pilates Workout

A Pilates workout is the best workout anybody can do!

Okay, we must admit we are a little biased there. But, we’re not wrong.

There are a variety of workout classes out there that do more harm than good. We’ve all been there before, experiencing a slow, fatigued feeling after a high intensity workout. These classes not only overwork your muscles, but leave you feeling dizzy, sore and potentially injured for days after.

Pilates offers you a more fulfilling and deeper form of exercise that heals you whilst you work out! Don’t worry, you will still work up a sweat, with challenging classes guaranteed. 

We’ve had to ruffle up the best 5 excuses to do a Pilates workout, as the list can simply go on and on!

1. Boost Your Energy

Pilates stimulates your metabolism by utilising your major muscle groups, which in turn positively impacts your overall energy levels. Pilates leaves you feeling stronger and functioning at your highest potential both physically and mentally.

2. A Pilates Workout is Full Body

Pilates incorporates stretches and exercises that lengthen and tone all the muscles in your body. Requiring concentration to coordinate precise movements, you find the point of balance to carry out various exercises to keep your whole body engaged in the workout.

3. Learn and Love

Adopting a Pilates workout or two into your weekly routine will open up the opportunity meet like-minded others. Pilates fans share mutual passion for  wellness and self-care as a priority in life. Pop Up Pilates classes are small, positive and personal with a maximum of 6 in each class, giving you the perfect place to learn something new.

4. Improve Your Balance

The precise and controlled exercises that a Pilates workout involves strongly focuses on the concept of concentrated energy and movement. These in turn, improve your overall balance through fine tuning your gross motor skills.

5. Heal and Prevent Injuries

A Pilates workout is ideal for creating and maintaining a strong and stable foundation for all movements in your daily life – both on and off the mat! Your central trunk (abdominal, upper/lower back, pelvic and glute) muscles will increase in strength and stability meaning you’re able to protect yourself from injuries and aches.


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