Postnatal Pilates – Everything You Need to Know

postnatal pilates

Postnatal Pilates – Everything You Need to Know

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I can assure you, there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve lived through the tiredness and longing for some me-time. Postnatal Pilates saved my life, as it allowed me to repair my body and feel strong again.

Post Natal Pilates is a great chance to socialise with other new mums, whilst working on strengthening and healing. With the blessing of your GP, look no further for a recovery plan as the following benefits will lease new life into your postnatal body.

Strengthening and repairing your abdominals

Postnatal Pilates is the number one destination for women diagnosed with diastasis rectus (DR). Over 60 percent of women experience abdominal muscle separation during their pregnancy. Postnatal Pilates assists in working the transverse abdominus to create a stable core for activities such as lifting.

Supporting your back

Our spine has worked overtime for 9 months to compensate for the bulging bump! Postnatal Pilates targets general discomfort in the back, reducing common issues such as sciatica. Reformer Pilates is a great way to correct and improve your posture, while addressing poor movement patterns that pregnant ladies develop over time

Locating and strengthening your muscles

As your baby grows out of the newborn phase, you’ll be doing some heavy lifting. Postnatal Pilates equips you to become a wonder woman in strength! Strengthening your body all over will ultimately improve your energy and ease mum duties.

A dose of vitamin happy

Exercise is the number one recommendation to boost endorphins and help fight postnatal depression. Postnatal Pilates can offer you the exact cure for stress and emotions through its cardio and stretching sessions. You’ll walk away feeling energised and happy, ready to take on the day.

Renovate your pelvic floor

Childbirth is certainly no walk in the park. Your pelvic floor muscles are often forgotten about until you run, jump, sneeze or laugh.  Postnatal Pilates provides you with the pelvic strength and confidence you’ll need with your new role as a mum.

Pop Up Pilates was created by me, for all of the new and expectant mothers out there. Contact us to organise your first postnatal Pilates session, we know you’ll love it!