Pregnancy Pilates- Advice for Expectant Mums

pregnancy pilates

Pregnancy Pilates- Advice for Expectant Mums

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Before pregnancy Pilates, I lived through the tiredness and feeling of an overworked body. Our abdominals, spine and pelvic floor work overtime during the 9 months to ensure our bodies can cope with the extra weight we’re carrying.

Despite the aches and pains, many women are surprised at how strong their bodies remain during pregnancy. It’s not rocket science – with regular exercise and a healthy diet pregnancy can be manageable and even enjoyable. We tend to forget that we are built for this time in our lives, and it’s a testament to our strength. Women’s bodies are amazing at balancing their own lives whilst growing another.

It’s good for the body and bump

here is often a fear or misconception that exercise during pregnancy is dangerous for mother and baby. The reality is that gentle exercise such as pregnancy Pilates is perfectly safe and even encouraged for women! To be sure, always do your research before trying a new exercise regime. Consult your trusted GP. Speak to your Pop Up Pilates instructor to design your tailored program. Most importantly when pregnant – listen to your body. Take it slow and go at your own pace. Pilates is flexible (pun intended!).    

Pregnancy Pilates is a saviour for women both during pregnancy and in post-natal recovery. There is even evidence to suggest that regular exercise during pregnancy can improve both mum and baby’s long-term health. Pilates workouts target the areas of the body that are most engaged during pregnancy and labour. In strengthening your back, pelvic floor and improving your balance,  the body is more prepared for all stages of motherhood.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of practising Pilates during pregnancy is the improved connection between your mind and body. Pilates teaches better posture, breathing techniques, and can even reduce stress. It really is the perfect all over workout for pregnant women.

Bring the Bump

Pregnant clients are encouraged to attend our classes if they are familiar with Pilates and enjoying a smooth pregnancy. For ladies over 20 weeks we recommend an initial private session to maximise your understanding of correct form and ensure mum and bubs safety.   

Pop Up Pilates was created by me, for all of the new and expectant mothers out there. We provide you with the core strength and confidence you’ll need with your new role as a new mum, whilst enjoying the whole process in between.

Contact us to organise your first pregnancy Pilates session, we know you’ll love it!