Pilates for Pregnancy

pregnancy pilates

Pilates for Pregnancy

I Hated Being Pregnant

I will let you in on a little secret…I hated being pregnant! You know those Earth mother-to-be types, walking around in their Kaftans, glowing, radiating all things Mummy to be? Well I was completely the opposite.

I put on 30 kilos, had nasty pelvic instability issues, carpel tunnel in both hands and was pretty much house bound for the last few weeks. I had all of these issues throughout my pregnancy, but I still did Pilates until 38 weeks under the right guidance and supervision by a fully qualified instructor. I look back now and imagine what my journey would have been like if I wasn’t looking after myself before and during my pregnancy. 

Every Mum-to-be has their own journey with pregnancy and one that can require individual care and support. Pilates is a great form of exercise during pregnancy for so many reasons:

  • Firstly, it is safe for both Mum and Bubba.
  • It maintains cardiovascular fitness and improves circulation.
  • Pregnancy Pilates focuses on strengthening specific muscles in preparation for pregnancy and labour.
  • It helps maintain muscle length, flexibility and mobility. This is great not just during pregnancy but after when feeding and recovering your body too.
  • It’s great for posture.
  • It can help in reduction of stress and anxiety.
  • Pilates breathing can help to assist for greater breath flow into the lungs as baby continues to grow and the diaphragm moves up higher in the chest. Breathing better can also help to mobilise our Thoracic spine, which gets so tight during pregnancy.
  • And another biggy – using Pilates breathing can assist in focusing on the mind body connection when in labour. I know this defiantly helped me!
  • Pilates is also a great tool to use before, during pregnancy and after to assist in better post-natal recovery.

Research by the ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist) tell us that “A return to physical activity after pregnancy has been associated with a decrease in postpartum depression.”

At Pop Up Pilates we take a maximin of only 6 clients in our classes so we can tailor the program to each individual’s needs, modifications and goals. Our classes are a mix of traditional and contemporary Pilates using Reformer, Wunda Chair, Small Apparatus and Barre. A perfect circuit combo if you are pregnant. Plus, you can join in on any of our classes, making it more convenient and accessible with your busy schedule.

Finally, Mums to be pregnancy is such an important and special time in your life. You will look back on it very fondly…I know I do now.  Take the time to research the right exercise program for you. Most importantly, keep moving and listen to your body.

You’ve got this Mumma x x